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Unturned in-game server connection

A popular voxel based survival video game, Unturned has been covered by twitch streamers, youtubers, and pc gamers all around the world. The best part is that Unturned is free to play. However, that means there are tons of servers cropping up. Which one should you choose? That is why I have listed my top ten Unturned servers. There’s something for everybody in this list. Even if you like pvp, pve, or Russians.

The Purge PvP RP
One of the most controversial movies of our time, The Purge, depicts a world with annual event that allows for a 12 hour period during which all criminal activity, such as murder, theft, and drug use are legal. Inspired by this movie is an Unturned server called “The Purge PvP RP.” This Unturned Server is unique in many ways. For example, once every blood moon there is a purge pvp event, where anybody may kill anybody for any reason at all. On top of this purge event, the server also boasts minigames like race tracks. Once you join, you can also select several classes which include kit for roleplaying purposes.

Royal Box
Not everyone in the world speaks English. Some of us speak Russian. Fortunately, the multilingual Royal Box Unturned server comes in as a highly rated English and Russian server. Aside from language, the Royal Box has airdrop rewards and an in game shop. These airdrops and shops allow players to gather necessary materials that they might not get otherwise. It also is really fun to rush for the next airdrop before the other players get to it. The Royal Box also has an excellently designed website that makes real use out of HTML5.

Unturned Beast
When I first started looking at Unturned Servers, one that really caught my eye was Unturned Beast. Unturned Beast had a nice looking banner, was ranked number one on a server list, and had 21 players online. They must be doing something right. And they are. This dedicated Unturned server uses the Rocket server hosting software which allows for neat rewards not possible in vanilla. But perhaps their best feature is their community. This Unturned server’s community is top notch friendly and inviting with very helpful staff to deal with new players.

Invality Gaming
Some people like their servers nice and simple. They don’t want to deal with gathering the best guns to defeat the death squad of looters and marauders coming after you from every angle that comes with pvp servers. That is why the Invality Gaming Unturned server exists. It is straight up zombies 24/7 on this dedicated server with 100% uptime. With 29 votes and a rank of 27, how could this server not be good? I also have to praise Invality Gaming for their website and forum which uses the awesome power of HTML5 to create an amazing place to discuss the server.

This is one of the oddest named servers I’ve come across. Despite its German sounding name, Hakusstronk Yellow is based in America. With 71 votes and 985 uptime, Hakusstronk Yellow claims itself to be “The Greatest Server of all time!” I suppose that’s why it only has two players online right now. Oh wait, there are six other colored Hakusstronk servers. This pvp Unturned server prides itself with great team play by joining their server group. This sounds incredibly fun and I can’t wait to play.

The Potato Team
It’s not every day you come across a server as rewarding as this one. The Potato Team’s Unturned server has managed to reinvigorate the survival aspect of Unturned. This server in particular supports mods that add new gameplay elements. There is also an in game shop to buy items and weapons. Buffed structures make it easier to take back a town from the zombie hoard. If you want more, you can donate to get exclusive kits that can help you take down zombies and players alike. Don’t have money? Voting for them will also reward you with in game items.

Lyhme Network
This Unturned server’s community really lives up to its motto: “Where everyone is welcome.” Lyhme Network’s community is awesome. They are very friendly, always trying to help you. And that’s what this server is all about, community. There’s also some of that pvp nonsense with people trying to kill you on top of the zombie hoard. However, this server is all about bringing people together to have a great time. Even if that means killing your own kind for survival. Lyhme Network also allows people to buy their own servers on their website, It’s great if you want to build your own cool friendly community.


This growing server I one of the best I’ve come across. With an international community and active staff, Unturned Rocks plans on becoming the most successful server network. Their ambition is fought with teamwork abilities, using their TeamSpeak 3 server, economy, forum, voting rewards, synced inventory (vault), and donations. What makes this server stand out is the vault, which allows players to sync items across all of their pvp, pve, and creative servers. It really comes in handy if you constantly switch up your playstyle. Speaking of playstyle, their TeamSpeak 3 server allows players to chat around the world, even if they aren’t playing the game.

Possibly the dankest Unturned server in the world, 420 pvp is a community of and for pot heads, stoners, and gamers alike. You know a server is going to be good when they put asci art like
(_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅м̅a̅я̅i̅j̅u̅a̅n̅a̅_̅_̅_̅ () ด้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้้้้็็็็็้้้้้็็็็็ in the server description. And it is good. The server acts like a bunch of wisecracks with a good sense of humor. And really, could you blame them? This pvp server has kits and homes which makes it easier to get your stuff back once you are killed or when you need to go back home for more useful supplies.

Garry’s Community
This is the last Unturned server I visited, Garry’s Community. This is an economy based pvp server that does not sync with your singleplayer characters. This means you can’t bring in your normal items to help you. This server gives you a chance at a fresh start. With their economy system, you should have no troubles trading with other players to buy the materials you need to survive, that is, if they don’t kill you first. Garry’s community also features the ZaupFeast plugin for Rocket. Feast provides players with mini drops that give you a boost in materials. They are very useful for new players.

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