Hosting an Unturned Server

What is an Unturned Server?

An Unturned server is an instance of the game that lets players join together online to play on the same map. This

How Can I get an Unturned Server?

Currently, the dedicated server files for Unturned have not officially been released, however a few companies have already begun┬áto provide Unturned servers. We’ve compiled a list of these hosting companies on our homepage. At the moment the list is rather small, but we’re constantly updating is as more Unturned server hosting companies are created and more companies add Unturned to their game list.

Advice on Choosing an Unturned Hosting Provider

As with anything you buy, especially online, you should look into each hosting company you consider in your search. Doing a Google search of the name of the hosting provider is a good way to start, as any red flags about them should come up quickly. Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few hosting companies, you should then read customer reviews about their services. You can read reviews written by real Unturned hosting customers by choosing a company on our homepage.

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