Hackers have Arrived to Unturned Servers

Screen Shot 2014-09-13 at 1.04.57 PM

Unfortunately, hacking now exists as a part of Unturned. Now, playing on an Unturned server comes with the fear that some player might be hacking and could ruin your experience!

Reddit user rerebooted announced in the Unturned subreddit that he came across a hacker and he managed to record it on video. See it for yourself below:

Hopefully hacking gets dealt with and Unturned servers do not have to suffer the wrath of immature players. Luckily, the developer has announced that alongside the Unturned dedicated server files he plans on releasing, he will also be including VAC support. Valve’s VAC system is very successful in keeping hackers out of games on the Steam platform, so hopefully this helps keep Unturned servers clean of hackers!

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