Top 10 Best Unturned Servers

A popular voxel based survival video game, Unturned has been covered by twitch streamers, youtubers, and pc gamers all around the world. The best part is that Unturned is free to play. However, that

Unturned 3.0 Update Released

Unturned developer Nelson Sexton has released update 3.0, dubbed the Black Box Update. Click here to check out the official update. Be careful updating your game, however, as the developer (and the community) has

Hackers have Arrived to Unturned Servers

Unfortunately, hacking now exists as a part of Unturned. Now, playing on an Unturned server comes with the fear that some player might be hacking and could ruin your experience! Reddit user rerebooted announced

Hosting an Unturned Server

What is an Unturned Server? An Unturned server is an instance of the game that lets players join together online to play on the same map. This How Can I get an Unturned Server? Currently,

[LIVE] Twitch Stream with Unturned Developer

Go to Dev_Nelson’s Twitch: Unturned developer, Nelson, is using game development tool Unity while streaming it live on Twitch right now (6 PM EST, Sept. 7). Tune in using the link above and watch him

New Blog Section

Hey guys! We’ve been working hard this week to create an awesome website and are here to announce we have added a blog section! Here we will post articles related to Unturned Hosts and
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