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Unturned Hosts was created with one thing in mind: to help the Unturned community find the best Unturned server hosts. Unturned is a great game, and we believe that in order to keep the Unturned community thriving there should be a standard of quality for all the Unturned servers, and what better way to ensure quality servers than allow the gamers to speak up and leave reviews! We hope you find Unturned Host useful for reading and writing reviews about Unturned server providers.

What is Unturned?

Unturned is a free to play, sandbox, multiplayer, and voxel based zombie survival game available on Steam. The game is focused more so on the multiplayer game server aspect, rather than single player survival. Since players are all together on servers, this can lead to pvp battles, raids, and looting. However, if you do not want to survive with friends or random people on an Unturned server, there is a single player mode. All in all, there are many different aspects to this game and tons of ways it can be played.

The first of which is fortification. Players can build forts as high as you want with building blocks. You can be as intricate or as simple as you would like. Build a castle or a house if you want. Another option would be to build onto other smaller buildings like shops or restaurants in towns. This is not recommended, however, because towns are often times raided for gear and others loot. So, Warning: You could be killed if you build a fancy city in Unturned.

The next aspect of Unturned is survival. As stated previously, you can build your own bases. You can also live off the land and make a farm to grow crops and refill your hunger. It is also stated that in a future update you will be able to also hunt other animals for food.

A third aspect of Unturned is the player vs player combat. You will have to fend off against bandits trying to rob you of all your valuable items you’ve collected. You can also go on the offensive and try to kill other players with weapons such as guns or swords. The combat is kind of simplistic and it doesn’t have any direct consequences but the reward is instant.

The fourth aspect of Unturned is exploration. Players can explore wherever they want in the voxel based open world. Allegedly, the map is set on the west coast of Canada. By the way, the map stays the same with the exception of some procedurally generated trees, houses, cars, etc. It makes for a rather bland world in my honest opinion (the zombies help). There are towns to find from which you can gather supplies. Cars make exploring the world much easier, provided you have enough gasoline to get where you’re going. There are a few military bases that are overrun by zombies. They contain good loot like heavy armor and guns. You can use this loot to defend yourself or to kill other players more easily.

To sum things up, Unturned is a voxel based free to play zombie survival game available on Steam. It got popular with a bunch of streamers and youtubers and it became the survival flavor of the month (and now longer!), like how it was with Rust, DayZ, and Ark at some point.